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Helping Veterans and their families not self-isolate through consistent physical activities and community events. 501(c)(3) founded in Boerne, Tx in Feb 2023.

Our Veterans get these experiences because of generous people like you! 

100% goes towards Strength Over Solitude Events.

Our team is all volunteer.


We post all of our events on

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Cristian served in the US Army and deployed as a Combat Medic to Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. When he returned home, quickly found himself isolating and building unhealthy habits which in turn, took him a few years to get to the VA to ask for help with the mental and physical challeneges he was dealing with daily.

Once there, he found his way to recreational therapy, which suprinsingly helped with his social anxiety and gave him something to look forward to each month. When he moved to Texas, he noticed the lack of services offered due to COVID and post COVID policies.

"I started Strength Over Solitude because I wanted to help fellow Veterans who may be struggling like I was, I never want anyone to get to that dark of a place. Not everyone goes to the VA for help, so I want to be a resource within my community. Retreating into isolation is the easy way, but not the best way. I'm hoping to push, inspire, and help our Veteran community and their families to reintegrate into society, and restore connections with others versus retreating into seclusion."


Vice President

Dakota has served in the US Navy and is a disabled veteran. He has developed a compassion for working with Military members, Veterans, and their families currently supporting their needs at USAA.

Dakota brings 6 years of healthcare experience and 6 years working with Military and Veterans in multiple areas. He just recently graduated from University of Texas at San Antonio with a Bachelors in Psychology. Dakota is hoping to lead and continue to provide for military members, veterans, and their families.

“I joined SOS to support and guide veterans through opportunities within outreach programs and workplace engagement. Being a disabled veteran makes me want to provide and lead for the members and families. Everyone needs the support, even if they don’t think the same.”

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Breta has served in the US Army and is a disabled veteran. She has developed a compassion for working with Veterans and has spent the last 7 years working as a nurse practitioner assisting Veterans in primary care.


Breta brings 27 years of healthcare experience, 13 years working with Veterans at the VA. She has trained other nurses to become leaders in the healthcare field as a facility instructor with the University of Phoenix in the past, as well as running two separate home health agencies in the past where she developed strong organizational and budget management skills.


"I joined SOS because I believe in their Mission to engage Veterans in opportunities through community events and outdoor training to reintegrate into society, instead of suffering alone in solitude due to struggles with anxiety, PTSD, MST and other mental challenges."



Jennifer was a Firefighter/ Paramedic before switching to Army Wife life in 2009. With the constant need to serve and care for others, she was active with the Family Readiness Group (FRG), as well as, helped organize events within her community.


Once back home and out of the military lifestyle, went back to healthcare for 5 more years before moving to Texas and changing roles in to retail.


"I completely supported Cris when he came to me with the idea of Strength Over Solitude because I have seen what these events can do for the Veteran. It seems small and simple to someone like me: just getting together for an event. But until you see the instant commoderie, how people start shy and leave as friends or how people just instantly bond over previously serving, you won't understand. You'll need to attend to "get it". It's a beautiful thing to see. I can't wait to see how many people can benefit from SOS."

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Board Member

Damon was trained and worked side by side with our Military, Law Enforcement and the Secret Service for state side and overseas security operations.


Damon’s great appreciation for our Veterans led him into a career with the Department of Veterans Affairs for the last 4 years in the Engineering Department.


"I joined SOS because I believe in their Mission Statement and I feel I have an obligation to serve those who have given show much to preserve our great Nation and it’s freedoms."


Board Member

Tiffany is a Career Real Estate agent in the Boerne and surrounding areas. She has also worked for the Kendall County Elections Department and as a Teaching Assistant for Boerne ISD. She is an extremely passionate community volunteer and enjoys supporting numerous Veteran Service organizations, particularly, The Purple Heart Project and Strength Over Solitude. She strongly supports local law enforcement, fire departments, and her community at large. When she is not helping residents of Kendall and Bexar County, she is very excited about fitness and running both for competition and for the fun of it. She is often more coomfortable outdoors enjoying the beauty of Texas and most importantly, the very proud mother of a son.

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Our Veterans get these experiences because of generous people like you! 

100% goes towards Strength Over Solitude Events.

Our team is all volunteer.


Boerne, Tx 78006

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